Is Gluten in Your Oats

Naturally, oats do not contain gluten. The risk of gluten comes from the possibility of exposure and cross contamination. Exposure can come from being milled on equipment that also mills products containing gluten, or from gluten exposure in the natural fields where oats are grown. The Information below comes from the Manager of Quality Control with our milling operation:
  • Oats do not contain gluten. There is still some controversy, however, regarding oats and celiac (gluten sensitive) patients. It appears that there may be some proteins (or amino acid sequences) found in oats that are similar enough to those found in gluten to cause a reaction. The Celiac Sprue Association/United States of America, Inc. (telephone: 402-558-0600) recommends that celiac patients avoid oats in their diet. I think, however, the biggest issue may be wheat, or rye, barley, etc., contamination of oat products due to the presence of these grains in oat fields, as well as exposure in facilities that process all of these different types of grains, as we do. Celiac patients should weigh these risks under the guidance of their medical practitioners, as some appear to be able to tolerate oats, while others cannot.

Our oats are milled in a facility that also mills products with wheat, rye and barley, yet we have heard from many customers whose gluten sensitivities are not affected by our oats. However, we at Coach’s Oats believe that individuals should carefully decide whether their sensitivity to gluten is going to be affected by consumption of oats.

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