Super Bowl Overnight Oats

Who’s looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday? Start your day with breakfast and Coach’s Oats and you’ll be game-day ready in no time. For an athlete, the most important meal of the day takes on an even more important role. It not only feeds you for your day, but needs to provide lasting energy for the entirety of a game. When you think of breakfast as the foundation for your whole day, you realize not all breakfasts are created equal. Specific food choices and balance of nutrients is key for top performance.

EmilyLudwig, RD, LD a sports nutrition expert for the Cincinnati Bengals professional football team says, “One-half of the pregame meal should consist of nutrient-dense carbohydrates like breads and oatmeal. One-quarter of the meal should be a lean protein, like fish or beef. And the other quarter of the meal should consist of fruits and vegetables.”  In fact, record-setting pro football player Tony Gonzalez eats oatmeal every day and he balances the meal by, “add(ing) some fruit, some blueberries, strawberries, and I’ll make a smoothie with my veggie protein powder. I’ll throw some blueberries, carrots, some spinach in my smoothie.”  

Although our caloric intake needs may not be the same as a tight end, quarterback or wide receiver (but more closely aligned with a placekicker ;) ), fueling your day properly is still a strategy to leading a healthy lifestyle. As a bonus, start your Sunday with this super bowl of oats and you’ll be less likely to overindulge in all the treats and snacks at your party. Packed with whole grains, protein and dark leafy greens, this breakfast bowl will set you up for the win!

Kick Off Overnight Oats!

¾ cup Coach’s Oats®
¼ cup vanilla almond milk (or milk of choice)
6 oz. Greek  yogurt
2 cups fresh kale (or greens of choice)
*additional toppings, sweeteners to taste

Blend almond milk and greens together. Combine Coach’s Oats, greens and yogurt in a bowl and mix well. Let oats soak overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning top oats with fresh fruit, nuts, nut butters, etc. 

Tiramisu Oatmeal

It’s a new year and that often means new resolutions. Do the resolutions to eat better, lose weight and be healthy sound familiar? If so, one great way to start the year and your day is with breakfast! Breakfast isn’t called the most important meal of the day for no reason. Eating breakfast regularly can help maintain a healthy weight, boost metabolism, improve concentration and help ward off diseases (You'll never skip breakfast again).

Eating better and more balanced doesn’t have to mean boring meals and no-fun treats. Indulging your sweet tooth in the early AM hours can be beneficial.  In fact,  as stated in Men’s Fitness, eating a treat for breakfast can help you feel more satisfied and “exercise more self control over the junky stuff” throughout the day.

To stay on track with your resolutions, it is best to keep your daily diet balanced with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and protein.

Back to the fun stuff, jump-start your day with our scrumptious version of dessert for breakfast:

Tiramisu Oatmeal

¾ cup vanilla almond milk
¼ cup Coach’s Oats
1 pack instant coffee
1 Tbs mascarpone or cream cheese
Pure maple syrup to sweeten
1 tsp dark cocoa powder

Brew coffee using milk as directed on package. Cook oats as preferred (stove or microwave) in brewed coffee.

In a separate small bowl combine cheese with maple syrup to your desired sweetness (optional: set aside 1 tsp. cheese for topping).

Add cheese mixture to oatmeal. Top oatmeal with additional cheese and sprinkle with cocoa powder. For an extra sweet morning sprinkle a bit of brown sugar on top and brown for a brûléed treat.

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Family, friends, laughter and food-a list of four fantastic things for which to be thankful. At Coach’s Oats, we’re also incredibly grateful for our fans. We love hearing how you incorporate Coach’s Oats into your daily lives, how you spread the word about our oats with others, and how you share recipes using Coach’s Oats in new and delicious ways.  If we’re fortunate enough to be included on your Thanksgiving table this year please feel free to share with us! You can email us or share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest (@coachsoats, #coachsoats). In the meantime, here is a wonderful list of recipes for inspiration:


Or start your Thanksgiving a healthy whole grain way with: